Sunday, November 23, 2008

Some craziness in Korea

Often times as we are walking the streets of Korea or happen to experience something out of the ordinary, we are forced to to only one take a picture!

Stir-fry and paper towels, a logical bonus buy

A Korean feast

This is actually a mushroom (probably fermented)!

Our friend Isaac, grimacing as he swallows down 10 bondegi

The infamous bondegi

For those of you that don't know what bondegi is, it is actually a silk worm (this isn't the greatest picture of it by the way). This is a popular snack among many Koreans. We told our friend that if he ate ten of them, we would take him out to dinner. Of course he met the challenge and afterward dared us to at least eat one. If you know me at all, you would know that I of all people would never eat something like that, but I was told that if I did, my friend would do something extremely crazy. Ashley and I both reluctantly ate a silk worm, which tasted exactly like it smelled, and to our surprise saw our friend Isaac pick up an entire cup of silk worms and crammed his mouth full of them!! Needless to say, this was one of our more memorable experiences together.:)

I don't know about you, but there's just something disturbing about matching underwear, especially when it's decked out in pink and black lace. This is fairly common to see all over Korea.

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Miriam S.Forster said...

Hahahahahahaha!!!! I don't know what's funnier, Ashley's paper towel face, or the matching underwear.

And for the record, with the way I cook, paper towels and anything, would be a bargain buy. :-)